Here are some things people who have worked with Amanda “SageGnosis” Stevens have to say about her:

“Amanda is a bright and intelligent thinker who has very creative ideas and an impressive persistence when it comes to hunting down opportunities. As an interviewer, Amanda is skilled at asking questions other might not think of and excels at getting a subject to open up and reveal more parts about their personality.

Amanda has a keen ability to understand the cultural aspect of esports and video games, which is a rare and valuable quality.When reading Amanda’s work, the focus goes beyond micro elements of gameplay and mechanics. It’s about what else is out there in this unorthodox industry, and Amanda provides a refreshing perspective as far as that’s concerned.”

  • Vince Nairn: Editor-in-Chief of Slingshot Esports

“There are few out there that have or can hustle as long or consistently as Amanda has. She’s well-connected, well-versed in the community, capable of chasing down rumors from pretty much everybody under the proverbial esports sun, and then spit it out in text form – all in short order. Yeah, she’s a hustler. And more than that: she’s a flexible one as well.

In a scene that implicitly encourages a sort of calcification, as content creators specialize heavily into specific niches of specific aspects of specific games, she’s managed to keep light of foot and flexible across media. Not just media in terms of games and scenes she can cover, but multi-media as well, with experiences both as a written-content journalist and podcast host.”

  • James Chen: Editor for Infinite Esports & Entertainment

“Amanda is one of the hardest working creators in competitive gaming. I could always rely on her to deliver, and I was constantly impressed by her creativity and ingenuity when developing a story. One of the most important things I look for in a writer is a drive to seek out new challenges, and Amanda always met these challenges with passion, grace, and professionalism.”

  • Josh Mull: Director of Content at PVP Live

“In my time working with Amanda Stevens, she has provided top-quality interviews in a short amount of time that has reached some of the widest audience we’ve seen. Given a task and some guidance, she clears the echelons of top contributors in the industry.
It is my sincere opinion that Amanda is one of the top free agents in the scene.

She has proven capable of producing many different mediums of content, such as writing, live interviewing and podcasting. If you’re looking for someone that can produce strong content that generates traffic and attention from a wide audience, it’d be unwise to look past Amanda Stevens as a very strong candidate for your place of employment.”

“My time with Amanda was short but I have nothing but positive things to say about her. She gave fantastic feedback while editing my articles and went out of her way to help me and the other writers at GAMURS. Her creativity and professionalism shined through in her time with us and was a great role model.

Amanda’s experience through life and in esport has made her into a battle hardened person who almost always know what to do. She is the perfect fit for any company and I wish her best of luck with her extremely bright future.”

  • Connor Bradley: Head of Counter-Strike at GAMURScom

“I first met Amanda as an interviewee for her podcast, and I was impressed by her preparation, the fluidity of the interview, and the production level of her podcast. Her content is delightful and entertaining. If you need in-depth interviews and well produced written or audio content, then you can’t do better. Additionally, her instincts for running and managing a content production team are well-trained.”

  • Weldon Green

“Amanda has been a consistent presence in esports for years and years and I can’t remember a time I looked at a piece of her work and thought “that needs more polishing.” I consider her name, at this point, to be a seal of quality, and when it pops up on an article, interview or website I understand that whatever’s behind the click will be worth my time.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a person who can match her for the drive to serve the community, too. Everything she does seems to come from an angle of “what do people need and how can I provide it?”, which is not only admirable but a critical type of personality in the foundations of any successful community.”

  • TBSkyen: Creator of Caster Comix

“One of Esports most valuable assets are the connections and networks between individuals; it’s a tight-knit community of backroom Skype conversations and word of mouth. In an industry steeped in cliques, Amanda “SageGnosis” Stevens has wonderfully crafted a professional rapport with a wide spectrum of personalities based on her preference to paint a more holistic image of the person rather than just another cut and paste interview. She can reach every corner of the scene and does so poetically to blow out the cobwebs and showcase their personality.”

  • Indiana “Froskurinn” Black: Color Caster for the English LPL Broadcast

“Esports content creation is a pretty tough gig. It’s therefore all the more commendable that Amanda, who frequently has to deal with huge time zone disparities, exhausting travel times and interviewees who don’t speak English particularly well or at all, manages to deliver the goods on such a consistent basis. Not only well-connected but incredibly well-respected too, Amanda is an integral part of the fighting games community. She’s a professional with an enviable body of work, and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

  • William Bindloss: Former Editor-in-Chief at Ginx.TV

“Trust is the currency of esports, and Amanda is rich. Whether it’s getting players and casters to open up, to being able to take on an assignment without worrying about how well it will be done, to giving her full editorial control of the site, she inspires it in everyone she meets, and cultivates it in and around her interpersonal and professional relationships. Trust is the difference between the PR answer and the honest answer, and it’s that quality that allows her to break down social, professional and organizational barriers to create truly engaging content, and lasting relationships.”

  • Christopher “Chhopsky” Pollock: Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Proving Grounds