Whispers of the Muse #2 – The Professor

Whispers of the Muse is a Magic the Gathering interview podcast where Amanda Stevens talks with fellow spellslingers about how they got into Magic, what keeps them playing, and why they pick the spells they do.

This week, Amanda had the delight of having Tolarian Community College’s The Professor on as her guest. The Professor initially started his Youtube career with what he thought would be a one and done card sleeve review video. But then he was asked for a review of deck boxes, and then playmats. And so, the student body of the Tolarian Community College grew.

On this episode, Amanda and the Professor talk the new Commander ’17 product, why the Prof is a red mage at heart, and some real life stuff. Read More

DIG Keane: “Bjergsen gives trouble to every mid laner in LCS. He’s really good.”

When you think of Dignitas’ League of Legends mid laner Jang ‘Keane’ Lae-young, One of the first things that comes to mind is the term “anti-carry.” It was a title given to him by the community for his wonky picks like Hecarim and Urgot. Since then, Keane has struggled to find his groove as his former team Apex finished last summer split at seventh place. Now on the new Team Dignitas roster, and surrounded by talent like Ssumday and Chaser, this could be the time for Keane to shine.

I got the chance to chat with Keane and talk about the Mid lane meta, his “anti-carry” nickname, and what he thinks of the introduction of 10 bans.  Read More

DIG LOD “I’m pretty disappointed with the bot lanes I’ve faced so far in scrims”

Benjamin “LOD” deMunck has been in the professional League of Legends scene for a deceptively long time. Counting both Challenge Series and LCS teams, LOD’s been with 14 organisations in the past four years, with the most memorable being Cloud 9 Tempest, Ember, and Team EnVyUs. Now on Team Dignitas, LOD’s ability to slot in to whatever roster he’s put on will prove invaluable to DIG as they get ready to start the Spring Split.

Read More

Froskurinn: “If I could have any western player in the LPL it would be Doublelift on VG with Bengi and Easyhoon”

The one truth about occasionally controversial caster Indiana “Froskurinn” Black is that she is wildly passionate with a wealth of knowledge to go with her flamboyant fashion sense. As a color commentator for the Oceanic Pro League and China’s League of LegendsPro League, Froskurinn was part of the massive talent roster for the 2016 World Championship’s group stages. During the off-season she was part of the casting team for the International Wildcard All-Star Event and IEM Oakland.

With the LPL about to kick off on January 19th, we sat down with Froskurinn to talk about her offseason and also get some preliminary predictions for how things will go down in the LPL.  Read More

Vitality GBM: “I think we’ll come in second and UOL will be first”

Lee “GBM” Chang-seok has recently joined two relatively small clubs. The first, being a player attempting a role swap as he goes from mid laner to jungler for EU LCS Team Vitality. The second club is much more exclusive, as GBM will be one of very few players who has played on teams in more than two regions, first starting in Korea for the Jin Air Green Wings, then in North America for NRG Esports. And now Team Vitality in Europe.

Translations were provided by Josh Peragine and Grace Han. Read More

Magic the Gathering Pro Paulo Vitor Talks Aether Revolt and Love of Esports

In any sport, digital or traditional, longevity is something to be admired. Both it and the ability to stay consistently at a high skill level is a rarity, which is what makes Magic: the Gathering pro Paulo Vitor Damo de Rosa a kind of anomaly.

Paulo Wizards of the Coast Event StaffChapman Sim/WotC

At the age of 18, PV finished 6th at Grand Prix Porto Alegre in 2004. Since then, he racked up a total of 17 Grand Prix Top 8s, with two wins, and 10 Pro Tour Top 8s, with one win. In 2012, PV was inducted into the Magic Hall of Fame. Currently, Paulo is on Channel Fireball’s pro team and is a Platinum level pro.

I had the chance to sit down with Paulo and pick his brain on the recent bans in Standard, what he thinks has changed about Magic since he first started playing, and how he got into League of Legends and esports.  Read More

Dr. Caitlin McGee: “There’s a Sense of Indestructibility in Young Esports Athletes That Needs Correcting”

Dr. Caitlin “Lurkaderp” McGee’s fame and relevance scaled within the Smash Bros. and FGC community at roughly the same rate that their pros’ bodies were betraying them. The physical therapist’s been to multiple events now, offering consultation to pros and amateurs alike on how to keep their wrists from getting wrecked by repetitive motion, even writing guides targeted at the gamers she works with.

She also runs the Evidence-Based Esports podcast, discussing the health issues relevant to the scene. Read More

Whispers of the Muse #1.5 – Jason Alt

Whispers of the Muse is a Magic the Gathering interview podcast where Amanda Stevens talks with fellow spellslingers about how they got into Magic, what keeps them playing, and why they pick the spells they do.

In this episode, Amanda interviews Jason Alt; the Ryan Seacrest of EDH. Jason is most well known for his contributions to the EDH/Commander by being the editor of EDHrec, writing about the 75% theory for GatheringMagic, and being a co-host of the Brainstorm Brewery and Money Drought podcasts. Read More