Whispers of the Muse #2 – The Professor

Whispers of the Muse is a Magic the Gathering interview podcast where Amanda Stevens talks with fellow spellslingers about how they got into Magic, what keeps them playing, and why they pick the spells they do.

This week, Amanda had the delight of having Tolarian Community College’s The Professor on as her guest. The Professor initially started his Youtube career with what he thought would be a one and done card sleeve review video. But then he was asked for a review of deck boxes, and then playmats. And so, the student body of the Tolarian Community College grew.

On this episode, Amanda and the Professor talk the new Commander ’17 product, why the Prof is a red mage at heart, and some real life stuff.

The Professor on Twitter: twitter.com/TolarianCollege
The Professor on Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/tolariancommunity

Amanda on Twitter: twitter.com/SageGnosis

Whispers of the Muse original art by Quinton Hoover
Art Remixed for the podcast by Julia Lee
Julia Lee on Twitter: twitter.com/dahrae

Original Song for Whispers of the Muse by Spruke
Spruke on Twitter: twitter.com/Spruke
Spruke on Twitch: twitch.tv/Spruke

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