DIG Keane: “Bjergsen gives trouble to every mid laner in LCS. He’s really good.”

When you think of Dignitas’ League of Legends mid laner Jang ‘Keane’ Lae-young, One of the first things that comes to mind is the term “anti-carry.” It was a title given to him by the community for his wonky picks like Hecarim and Urgot. Since then, Keane has struggled to find his groove as his former team Apex finished last summer split at seventh place. Now on the new Team Dignitas roster, and surrounded by talent like Ssumday and Chaser, this could be the time for Keane to shine.

I got the chance to chat with Keane and talk about the Mid lane meta, his “anti-carry” nickname, and what he thinks of the introduction of 10 bans. 

(This interview was originally posted on January 20th, 2017 on PVPLive)

Much of the original Apex roster is gone, aside from you and Xpecial. What do you think of your new roster as a member of Team Dignitas?

It’s always exciting to play with new members. Since all the players are really good I think we will do well in LCS.

What’s it like having Chaser as your jungler compared to the other junglers you’ve had in the past?

Chaser is really smart about the game, I’ve been playing with him for more than a month and never saw him have a bad in games. He will do really well in LCS.

I’m sure you’re aware that one of the nicknames the community has given you is “the Anti-Carry.” What do you think of being called that?

That name was given to me after I played a lot of different champions in LCS on Gravity. I thought that was a really good strategy in best of one series. I think being called an anti carry is fine for me, but I’ve changed a lot as a player and since it is bo3 now I would never pick those champions again unless it was a meta pick

Speaking of things new to the LCS, what are your thoughts about the way picks and bans are done now?

I really like the new pick and bans, and I think now the players need bigger champ pools (especially the solo laners) and the coaches should study and think about a lot more now with the 10-ban system.

You’re known for having a fairly large champion pool. What do you do to be able to play so many champions at a competitive level?

I play a lot of solo queue games in NA, and most of the champions I play in competitive are from NA solo queue because people don’t dodge when I pick weird champions in the mid lane. Compared to Korean solo queue, players always dodge or they think someone is trolling if someone play new meta champions.

Do you like playing NA or Korean SoloQ more?

I like both, but Korean SoloQ helps me more at improving.

What are your thoughts on the current mid lane meta?

The mid meta didn’t really change for a long time but there will be more champions getting picked with the ten ban system.

Is there a champion you really hope you get to play?


What do you like about playing Zed?

Every time I play Zed it is really fun to play. Assassins are usually my fav champions.

Who are you looking forward to playing against in the mid lane?

I want to play against everyone and see how I’ll do against them.

Is there any mid laner who gives you the most trouble?

I think Bjergsen gives trouble to every mid laner in LCS. He’s really good.

When you’re not focused on scrims or practicing, what do you like to do on your down time?

I usually go outside for a walk. But the coaches we have help keep me focused on the game

If you could delete a champion from the game, who would you delete and why?

Aatrox, never seen in competitive.

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