Vitality GBM: “I think we’ll come in second and UOL will be first”

Lee “GBM” Chang-seok has recently joined two relatively small clubs. The first, being a player attempting a role swap as he goes from mid laner to jungler for EU LCS Team Vitality. The second club is much more exclusive, as GBM will be one of very few players who has played on teams in more than two regions, first starting in Korea for the Jin Air Green Wings, then in North America for NRG Esports. And now Team Vitality in Europe.

Translations were provided by Josh Peragine and Grace Han.

(This interview was originally posted January 13th, 2017 on PVPLive)


Did you want to play in EU or were you taking offers as they come?

With Vitality, Hachani recommended me and asked ‘do you want to try out here?’ So I said yes, and I was given a tryout in Berlin.

Has anything felt difficult for you in practice as the jungler?

The hard thing is, I’m a beginner, so I’m learning now from everyone — watching replays or having Hachani teach me. My start was very late, but I am pretty sure I am improving very fast, so I think I can show you good plays.

What made you want to switch from the mid lane role to jungle?

The first reason is: when I was playing in NA and KR, I usually led the team on stage. I did spell timer checks, directed my teammates’ skills, and initiated. But I believed that this wasn’t a mid laner’s job — more like jungle and support. And I chose jungle because it’s so much stronger than mid in early and mid game.

Do you believe switching to the jungle position during a major change to the position gives you an advantage, since you don’t have habits others may have acquired in the old jungle?

Compared to other players, I can see a lot of things through the lens of a damage dealer, as I’ve been in that role before. That aspect is great. I can better see how to play out the fight during teamfights.

If I am able to grow well on my new team, I’m confident that I’ll be able to have great habits and improve a lot in a season’s time.

What champions are you liking most right now? 

I’m most confident about my Lee Sin and Rengar. After that, I think I can play Elise, Rek’Sai, Evelynn, Ivern, Shaco, Olaf, and others pretty well.

You’ve played solo queue in Korea, North America, and now on one of the EU servers. Are there any differences between the player mentality on these servers? 

I’m not quite sure about NA, because I didn’t play much solo queue. The ping was terrible and I felt that my skills were becoming worse by playing.

I think the mentality of players on European servers and Korean servers are pretty similar, though I see “open mid” happening much more often in Europe.

In comparison to your time at NRG, how are you feeling about being at Vitality so far?

Compared to NRG, I think Vitality has a lot more passion – and that allows for us to work hard together. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed about is the weather.

Being realistic, where do you place Vitality among the other teams in the EU LCS? 

Second place.

If Vitality is going to finish second, who is going to be first? 

Unicorns of Love.

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