Whispers of the Muse #1.5 – Jason Alt

Whispers of the Muse is a Magic the Gathering interview podcast where Amanda Stevens talks with fellow spellslingers about how they got into Magic, what keeps them playing, and why they pick the spells they do.

In this episode, Amanda interviews Jason Alt; the Ryan Seacrest of EDH. Jason is most well known for his contributions to the EDH/Commander by being the editor of EDHrec, writing about the 75% theory for GatheringMagic, and being a co-host of the Brainstorm Brewery and Money Drought podcasts.

You can find Jason Alt on Twitter @ Twitter.com/JasonEAlt

Original Intro by Bill “Spruke”Boulden. You can follow Spruke on Twitter @ Twitter.com/Spruke and watch him on Twitch @ Twitch.tv/Spruke.

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