Amanda “SageGnosis” Stevens is a freelance interviewer, writer, and podcaster who has worked in gaming and esports since 2012. Her work can be found on various sites such as Esports Heaven, Ginx TV, and LoL Esports EU.

Gaming has long been a part of Amanda’s life, feeding her competitive nature since her childhood battles of Nintendo’s Track and Field and Sega’s Altered Beast against her uncles. This passion for video games translated into an affinity for esports after a friend in college showed her EVO’s Moment 37.

Amanda specializes in League of Legends and FGC coverage, as seen in her coverage of Riot’s 2016 League of Legends World Championship and her coverage of Evolution 2016. However, Amanda actively follows the Overwatch scene and can be quick on the uptake of any game if given the time.

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